Fixtures & Special Purpose Machinery

We provide custom fixtures and special purpose machinery for assembly, welding, and material handling. Our special purpose fixtures can be static, mechanical, pneumatic, and electric with poke yoke sensors, designed to meet the specific quality requirements of any manufacturing or production facility.

Special Purpose Machinery for Manufacturing

Fixturing is important for any repetitive production environment to improve quality and repeatability, but often come with challenges. Challenges can be access to different locations of the part on a universal fixture across multiple stations, or holding a part into the fixture until all assembly steps are completed. Let Givens Machine Systems help you overcome these challenges by offering a custom fixtures and special purpose machinery that can meet your production and quality requirements.​

Past Projects

Garbage Truck Welding Fixture:

We made this custom welding fixture for an American customer to help simplify the process of welding together the rear garbage storing and compacting system for a garbage truck. The customer was using a forklift and jacking screws in a simpler form of this fixture beforehand to hold the large metal plates together for welding.

This entire fixture was designed, engineered, and manufactured in house. We replaced the customer’s entire fixture, including the elevated platforms and stairs. The fixture implemented a series of almost two dozen hydraulic cylinders to clamp the plates so that welders could weld the metal plates together from the elevated platform.

Instrument Panel Carousel:

One of our customers tasked us with replicating a machine that they currently had, but with some updated changes that would fit the new generation of parts they wanted to fixture and increase reliability at the same time.

This three station machine spins very slowly to three workers standing still. The operators load a freshly molded instrument panel into the fixture and pneumatic clamps are used to hold it down. Each of the three fixtures can be independently moved up and down using pneumatic locking cylinders to suit the workers preferences.

A pneumatic lever can be pulled to unlock disk brakes that allow the workers to spin the fixture in whichever orientation they need to get proper access to the part, despite its complex shape. The center of gravity was considered during designing the fixture, to make sure that flipping the part would be as effortless as possible for the workers.

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