Revamp, Reinvent, and Rise

Givens Machine Systems can help you upgrade your existing machinery to adapt to new products or faster cycle times. We can design custom additions for your equipment, or replace sections with a new custom component. In most cases upgrades or additions are much cheaper than purchasing a new purpose built machine.​

Pneumatic gate for an AGV machine
Pneumatic gate for an AGV station​

Machine Installation​

Acquiring new or used equipment is an important event for any business and often sees challenges upon installation. Some of these challenges include providing a power supply, upgrades to meet CSA & ESA standards, power conversions, safety concerns, and repairs. We can help you integrate your new equipment and help keep your machine operators safe by providing turnkey services to get your equipment running quickly.

  • Upgrades to foreign electrical equipment to CSA standards​
  • ESA & CSA compliance​
  • Machinery installations​
  • Network cabling​
  • Modifications to electrical systems and machinery​
  • PLC installation​
  • Transformers​
  • Troubleshooting​
  • Electrical diagrams
Transformer for a milling machine​